5 Benefits to Using Monogrammed Notepads


Running a small business is all about constant marketing. This involves making sure your name is always out there and in people's minds. Notepads are simple things to add to swag bags as promotional tools. When you customize them with your logo, you have a usable billboard that helps bring in new and repeat customers. Here are five benefits make notepads just as helpful as other marketing tools.

1. Affordable

Notepads are something you can order in bulk. With many companies, you can find options in a variety of sizes allowing you to have pads you use and others you give away. If you create the monogram yourself, you can save more money by having a design you upload. Finally, the more you order at one time the more money you save overall.

2. Passive Exposure

This type of marketing is the best kind because it reaches people without having to pay for advertisements. When people pull out a notepad to make lists, they will see your name. A great way to use these tools in marketing is through handwriting notes to your customers on them when you send out your merchandise. If you order pads with magnets on them, then people will see your name every time they pass by their refrigerator.

3. Practical

Just like pens with your name on them, the monogrammed paper is a very practical item for anyone. Have pads on your desk for people to take notes on while talking to you about your business and then they do not have to remember your contact information when reviewing everything. This is excellent for people who are shopping for a service need. They are also useful for creating shopping lists or leaving reminders for family members.

4. Fully Customizable

Notepads come in many sizes and styles, but you can also customize the look completely. Whether you want just your logo at the top with your business card information or have different styles for various seasons, you can create what you need. Before crafting notepads, you will want to know your budget and specific marketing desires. With the vast number of options available, it is easy to lose focus.

5. Free Is Always a Win

The best thing about giving away notepads is everyone always likes free things. These can be used at fairs or set out in lobbies for people to take and use later. When people get things for free, they are more likely to leave a favorable review to others.

Regardless of which benefit calls out to you, anything with your name on it will help market your business. With more small businesses emerging, it is vital to use any method possible. Notepads are one of the cheapest and most creative ways to do this.

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30 December 2020

Crafting To Relieve Tension

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