How To Choose A Thimble Cage For Your Bespoke Thimble


The thimbles of today are mass-produced and forgettable, but the thimbles of yesteryear are another story. Before modern manufacturing revolutionized the way metal products were produced, each thimble was painstakingly handcrafted. With so much work going into each thimble, many beautiful designs were created that enhanced each thimble's usefulness and beauty. 

If you are interested in buying such a beautiful thimble, whether vintage or new, you should consider protecting it with a thimble cage. Thimble cages are perfect for keeping thimbles close at hand and well protected. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a thimble cage for your bespoke thimble.


Thimble cages are designed to keep thimbles secure without hiding their beauty. To achieve this, some of the best materials used are metal and glass. When choosing a type of metal for your thimble cage, consider matching it to the material used to create your thimble. If, for example, you use a beautifully crafted silver thimble, you can add to its beauty by displaying it in a silver thimble cage. While some thimble cages only use metal to secure thimbles, glass is sometimes used to ensure thimbles are completely secure inside their cages. As long as your thimble is secure as you move the cage around as much as you would when walking with it, you can count on your thimble cage to keep your thimble safe.


Most people in search of a thimble cage have beautiful bespoke thimbles. These thimbles are highly decorated with specific design motifs, such as flowers, Celtic knots, honey bees, and other pastoral features. It makes perfect sense to match these designs to the design of a thimble cage. If you have a very expensive thimble, consider working with a silversmith to design a custom thimble cage that matches it perfectly. Then, you will be able to admire the beauty of your thimble and its cage as you display or use them.


If you use your thimble on a daily basis for sewing projects, your needs will be very different than those of people simply looking to display their vintage thimbles. Make sure you purchase a thimble cage that can hold up to daily use if you intend to use it frequently. It should have a secure clasp that opens and closes with a comfortable amount of force. If, on the other hand, you only intend to display your thimble in its cage, you can focus on the beauty of the cage instead of its practicality.

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8 May 2020

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