Can't Afford The Restoration Costs On An Heirloom Watch? Should You Learn Horology Yourself?


If you've recently inherited a pocket watch or wristwatch from a deceased relative, you may be excited to finally have your own piece of family history. Unfortunately, being passed from generation to generation can be tough on the delicate mechanics of these watches, and you may find that despite its classic beauty, your antique watch's function leaves something to be desired. However, watch repair companies can charge high prices for repairs, and you may be reluctant to sink more into your old watch than it would be worth even after restoration. Is learning more about the study of watches and clocks (horology) something that could help you perform these repairs yourself? Read on to learn more about the study of horology and some repairs you may be able to master after delving into some horology books and videos.

What are some watch repairs that can be performed by a relative amateur?

While specialized repairs that require some diagnosis or intimate knowledge of the mechanics of a watch, there are some relatively minor repairs that watch owners may be able to perform themselves. One is the attachment of hands. If a watch hand has developed rust due to moisture exposure, it may not turn in time; in other cases, a very old pocket watch hand may rust completely in half.

Fortunately, if you're able to remove the rusted hand, reattaching a new one can be performed with just a set of watch repair tools (including tweezer-like pliers) and some patience. You'll want to read about this repair on your specific brand of watch (or view some videos online) before venturing into this repair on your own.

Another repair you can make that can dramatically improve the appearance of your watch is replacing the face. In many cases, you'll be able to order a replacement watch face designed for your model of watch online; in other situations, it may need to be custom-ordered.

It's important to note that any internal watch repairs (or other maintenance that requires you to remove the watch face) should be performed in as dust-free an environment as possible. Any particles trapped within your watch's moving parts can cause irreparable damage and shorten its life.

Is it worthwhile to try to learn watch repair techniques rather than take your watch to a professional?

If your watch is priceless and you're not sure what you'd do if it were harmed, it's usually best to avoid DIY repairs. Watch repairpersons spend years -- even decades -- studying the mechanics and practicing their techniques, and it's unlikely you'll be able to match this expertise even with diligent study.

On the other hand, if you've found yourself taken aback by the quoted price of a watch repair procedure and are willing to risk the future function of your watch for hope of improvement, DIY watch repair may be right for you.  


9 January 2017

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