Three Tips For Preparing Some Of Your Household Items For A Move


Preparing your possessions for a move can be a challenging task due to the amount of labor and planning that must be done. Unfortunately, it can be common for individuals to make mistakes when they are packing their lamps that can expose them to a higher risk of suffering damage. To help you avoid these issues, you will want to use the following tips when you are preparing your lamps for a move.

Disassemble Your Lamps

When you are preparing the lamps for the move, you will want to disassemble them as much as possible. This will help to conserve space while also preventing some avoidable damages from occurring. While the amount of disassembly that can be done can vary from one lamp to another, you will almost always be able to remove the shade, the bulb and you may be able to remove the base.

Protect The Light Bulbs

If you have a number of lamps that will need to be moved, the costs of replacing the light bulbs could be rather significant. This is especially true if you are using compact CFL or other high-efficiency bulbs. To avoid having to pay to replace these bulbs, you will want to make sure that they are thoroughly padded. An excellent way of doing is to place the bulbs in a shoebox with a sheet, packing peanuts and papers to help securely hold the bulbs in place while also absorbing the force of any impacts.

Wrap The Power Cord Around The Lamp

The cord of the lamp is a critical component as it will supply the lamp with power. Unfortunately, it is possible for this part of the lamp to suffer damages during the move. In particular, the prongs at the end of the cord can become warped or the cord may become torn. You can help to reduce the risks of these issues by tightly wrapping the cord around the lamp. When the cord has been wrapped around the lamp, you can secure it in place with a small piece of tape.

Avoiding issues with your houseware supplies during a move can be a seemingly difficult task. However, if you are aware of these simple steps that you can take when it concerns your lamp and light bulbs, you will be far better prepared to make sound choices for keeping your possessions safe during your next moving experience. This will help to ensure that your experience moving is as smooth and efficient as possible.


3 August 2016

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