4 Tips For New Drone Users


In the past few years or so, one of the most popular new hobbyist items for both children and adults alike has been the drone. There's no doubt that piloting a drone has a certain allure to it! People these days are getting all sorts of attention by destroying drones, flying a drone where they shouldn't be, or simply flying a drone in general – and why not?

They're interesting little beasts of the hobbyist world that have attracted popular attention. They can be quite difficult to control or to use in general, so a little help with drones can always be appreciated. Included throughout the course of this brief article are 4 tips for new drone users.

Practice Makes Perfect

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, it is important to remember that, much like all things, when it comes to drones, practice makes perfect. Flying a drone is largely a physical activity that requires a large deal of muscle memory. Every type of drone controller is different. This means getting used to the physicality and feedback of each controller and how the drone responds in kind.

Some drones have "floaty" controls, while others are quite tight; it's important to get used to how your particular drone controls and, especially, how it responds to particular combinations of control. Some combinations can spell certain doom for careless drone users.


Much like the notion of practice, like almost all hobbies, safety must be taken into consideration. Due to the fact that most drones use high-powered metal blades to propel itself through the air, make sure your fingers are away from these blades at all times, even when they are at rest.

This is not only for your own safety, but by handling the drone by its propeller, you can cause damage to the device. It is also important that, when operating your drone, you make sure that you are out of the way of other individuals and you have a clear spot to take off and land. Give yourself a wide perimeter around the area you wish to either launch or land the drone. Keep in mind that when your drone gets 400 or so feet away from you, it gets harder to control. This can result in the drone crashing into a pedestrian, or someone's personal property, resulting in damage. Make sure to keep your drone flying close enough to you where you can maintain control.

Launching Drone

When launching a drone, you should remember that you want a nice, fluid take off. Most new users to drones assume that they can launch straight up into the air, much like a helicopter. While this is the case, and drones are entirely capable of doing so, most of the time, you will want a slow, fluid, almost lurching-like movement towards the direction of where you want your drone to fly. Otherwise, you might find that are you are wasting your drone's energy by using a completely upright movement. Many new users tend to damage the drone's landing apparatus by taking off upright into a vertical position.

Photography With Drones

Many photographers are drawn to the notion of using drones, and for good reasons. They can be an inexpensive and convenient alternative to expensive location shoots and equipment that can be markedly more expensive than a drone itself. The biggest advice that can be given to a photographer who wants to use the drone to his or her advantage is to plan your shots. While it might sound exciting to simply lift off the drone and see what you get, have some sort of visual, conceptual or imaginative plan in mind and see how you can get the drone to work in your service for executing such a plan. Contact a company like Superior Hobbies for more information.


15 February 2016

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